No one I want ever wants me. I give up. Sigh.
Anonymous asked:
What's tv shows do you enjoy watching?

Walking Dead & tons of anime!

Anonymous asked:
I need your advice. I met this guy at the beginning of March and we started seeing each other a few weeks later. Well, we've hung out a few times and he is absolutely amazing, nothing at all like the other guys I've dated and I have super strong feelings for him. Just this weekend he asked me if I was his gf and I told him yes. I meant it. Ultimately, it is what I want with him but I'm scared we are moving too fast. Should I slow it down?

Talk to him about it! Conversation is key! If he’s a good, caring guy he will slow down for you. Be honest with him. :)


i don’t want you, i want your netflix password

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Anonymous asked:
How do you get over depression? :(

Honestly, there isn’t a way to just suddenly be happy. You have to keep fighting. Depression is a battle. You have to find what works for you. You need to realize that you’re NOT alone. And that you are worth more than you think. Everyone has so much potential. I’m sorry this took a while to reply to. But find someone trustworthy to confide in. Do things you love. Be kind and never take out anger on others. That doesn’t mean you can;t act sad if you are. Don’t hide being sad. But be kind, do things for others. Improve yourself. It will help. If you feel the need to, go to a doctor. If you absolutely can’t, then you really just need to stay strong and keep fighting.

Anonymous asked:
Has your preference for guys(race, clique, hobbies) changed throughout your life? If so, how?

I don’t think my preferences have changed much. I often will think guys are attractive, but I only tend o date them if they seem really kind and genuine. Hence why although I’ve had many “things” with guys, there are few I’d actually be able to be interested in.

Anonymous asked:
Hi. I saw your videos. I sent you a message on youtube. You're pretty cool. Peace.

Thank you!! I haven’t been active really, but I will go check it out.

Anonymous asked:
What do you like best about yourself personality wise?

My favorite thing about myself (which I have a love-hate relationship with) is that I love other people too much. I will fight for others until I’m forced to give up.

Anonymous asked:
Define love.

I think that being in love with someone is giving selflessly to each other so that the other person can be happy no matter what. And that when you’re around them, they make you strive to be a better person. 

Anonymous asked:
If you could change your major, what would it be?

Actually, I’m switching my major to immunology. General biology is just too… general for me ahah.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a bf?

I don’t.